Group Training 3 on 1

This class is taught by:

Josh R

Josh is an NSCA and Precision Nutrition certified trainer. I have been a personal trainer for 7 years.
I’ve worked with individuals of all ages and skill levels but I tend to focus on corrective exercise.
In 2015 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis. This disease stole a lot of things from me that I loved. Almost overnight, my mobility, health and social life was taken from me. With lots of research, hard work and dedication, I can proudly say I am no longer a prisoner of this disease. Surviving with this autoimmune disease has filled me with compassion and understanding for anyone who is battling an illness or injury. I want to help others achieve their health and wellness goals no matter how hopeless they may feel. 
Completed OCR

Spartan Mohegan Sun, 2014
Tough Mudder NH, 2016

Kati Papoosha

Owner of Iron House Fitness
Founder of Iron House Multisport
Behavior Change Specialist (BCS)
Associates degree in Radiology 

Kati has been an athlete all her life where she participated in many sports, Field Hockey being her main focus. She knows what it takes to be consistent, determined and to fight for any goal you have your eye on. Setting goals and crushing them as Kati says is nothing you can put a price tag on, self empowerment is one of the best feelings in the world and helping people feel that is what Kati lives for. She believes in taking the approach about teaching people that fitness is a journey not a destination. Taking care of your body from the inside out is a priority to a happy healthy life. Her passion and enthusiasm translates into her Bootcamp and Cycle classes where she takes you to the edge and pushes you past it! Kati continues to better her knowledge as a personal trainer/instructor by attending continue education classes and reaching out into new territory. Kati stays Iron fit by lifting, swimming, cycling and running. She believes in taking no time off but quick recoveries to allow your body to become stronger, faster, better!

Kati's Personal Achievements;

Voted Best of The Shoreline Personal Trainer: 2012,2013, 2014,2015,2016
Voted Best of The Shoreline Gym & Specialized Gym: 2015,2016

Wattie Ink Ambassador: 2016,2017
Wattie Ink is a brand focused and committed to the sport of triathlon

Branford Sports Hall of Fame Inductee 2015: 1989 & 1990 Field Hockey Championship Team

Fairfield, Newport, Providence 2x, Iron Horse, Jamestown, San Diego Rock N Roll 

Tough Mudder, NJ
Spartan Beast, VT

Ragnar New England 2010,2011
Ragnar Trail MA 2015

Madison 2003,2013
Branford Hammerfest 2003,2015
Nantucket 2013
Shamrock Duathlon 2016
Ironman70.3 Maryland 2016
Litchfield Hills Olympic 2016
Niantic Bay 2016
Quassy Half Aquabike- June 2017
Ironman 70.3 Lake Placid-Sept. 2017

Lisa Simiola

Schwinn Spin Certified
NASM Certified Trainer
Lisa’s love and passion for helping individuals feel their best radiates during every spin class, boot camp, yoga or individual training session. Lisa is a graduate of Lyme-Old Lyme High School and was an All-State soccer player as well part of the Saint Michael’s College varsity soccer team. Being an athlete her whole life has heightened her love for health and wellness as well as what is best for the body outside of the gym. Lisa is an Advisor in AdvoCare, a world class nutrition company that specializes in innovative nutritional, weight-management, and sports performance products. “Most people have NO idea how good their body is designed to feel”. Lisa stays fit by lifting, spin class, boot camp, yoga, running and hiking. She is always ready for adventure so plan your next hike with her today!

Chelsea Crehan

Chelsea Crehan
Personal Trainer
Student Sports Program Director
NASM Certification Pending
Chelsea is a 2009 graduate of Valley Regional High School, where she was a four-year, three-sport athlete, earning a multitude of honors & awards, including Most Outstanding Student Athlete. Chelsea went on to attend Castleton State College in VT, and graduated cum laude with a B.S. in Physical Education & teacher licensure, coupled with minors in both Health Ed. & Coaching. She holds her PE and Health Educator license in CT and is certified to teach grades K-12. While Chelsea was at Castleton, she enjoyed a highly successful athletic career, playing three different varsity sports. In addition, she was an all-academic athlete from 2010-2013, as well as a captain, and MVP, competing in multiple NCAA Division III post-season tournaments. Chelsea, through her own personal experiences, knows what it takes to be a successful high school and college athlete. No matter the sport, she says, “It starts with proper conditioning.” Chelsea enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge with those who are interested in bringing both their fitness and athletic performance to the next level.
A personal training session for up to 3 people at a time.

Upcoming classes:

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